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Foundation of MAZI

Pius Matunge Parents come from chiefdom families of Sukuma tribe, my father (Kilala Matunge) was a chief and herbalist from the Shinyanga region, and my mother Ndokeji chiefdom family from the Mwanza region, My father's role was to protect and provide for the family and his village. Healing people with herbs, helping our community needs, and protecting nature are what I have been experiencing from my parents. A chief is also responsible for protecting and educating society on the importance of art, culture, and history. Through this life-changing experience, I founded MAZI an art and culture space in 2018. Carrying on the legacy of my family is what aspires my work by supporting and collaborating with artists and societies by fostering art and nature connection. I have worked with artists such as historians, soundscape artists, and photographers, documenting and achieving stories, art, and culture of communities adjacent to nature reserves. In 2023, MAZI art and culture was registered.

Vision Statement:

To foster creativity through human connection with art & culture with nature in Tanzania and beyond/ communities.

Mission Statement:

To engage art & cultural practitioners through an exchange program that will increase the value and appreciation of indigenous art & culture with nature.

MAZI art and culture values

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