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Born in Shinyanga Tanzania 16th January 1996. He started drawing when he was 6 years. His love for art was obsessive. growing up Frank specialized in charcoal and graphite drawing. He always wanted to create something unique and flexible, that is when he decided to shift to painting using oil paint, acrylic and sand increases the field for his creativity.
Frank John
Annah Lot Nkyalu is a figurative visual artist and art teacher working in different mediums especially ink (pen). Pen was always on her hands while she was at school where she mostly had the urge to draw, for that she mastered it earlier than any other medium. Her works usually takes many hours of concentration involving many layers of pen strokes.
Annah Nkyalu
David Masanja Felician is a documentary photographer and self taught acrylic painter from the United Republic of Tanzania, He begun his art carrier (acrylic) in 2012 and after his O level education he become interested and pursued Photography.
David Masanja
A Self Painter and a Curator based in Dar es salaam Tanzania, whose works focus on the themes of mental health, human and nature inspired
Turakella Editha gyndo

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