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Color your History Book – Trial Event

Tanzania has a rich and diverse heritage of more than 120 tribe and ethnic groups. Color your history Books are an edition based coloring books with illustrations inspired by the stories, myths, cultures of Tanzanian people for both children and adults. Our goal is to preserve and promote our culture for now and the future generations.

We are happy to introduce you to the first edition of Color your History Book focused on the Waluguru people of the Uluguru Mountains, and coastal plains of east-central Tanzania.

“Luguru” means people of the mountains, most of them live and conduct their farming activities.

We have collaborated with two illustrators : Kashushu and Pandakilima to capture different stories from the Waluguru community in Choma Village, Morogoro. From matrilineal leadership, traditional attires to the beauty of the Uluguru Mountains.

In this endeavour, we celebrate the vibrant history of the Waluguru people, fostering connections, and ensuring that the colours of Tanzania’s past continue to brighten our future.

The event will take place on 10th Dec 2023, join any time from  09:00 am to 0300 pm. We will provide refreshment (s) during the event and supporting materials such as water colour pens and illustrations.

Location: Kim Cafe (bakery) ,Namanga,DAR.

What needed from you ?

– Good attitude and open mind to learn and share new knowledge.

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